10м2 Street Restaurant “Dolce & Salata”

August 2016, Kiev, 40 Stroiteley str.

A bit more than a week before the opening this was an ordinary flower stand instead of this place with Italian street food. The task was to give a very Italian feel to the interior. For this we used natural materials and colors from the Italian flag. On 10m2 we were able to place 8 sitting places.

List of work done:

» interior design
» construction supervision
» the furniture is made by our design
» interior painting

» lettering

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Finally there is a way to lighten up gray suburbs that drown in faceless  food stands and sell questionable street food. This is a story about an Italian who transformed a flower stand in the suburbs of Kiev into a neat food bar with a pretty front.

Claudio is 34 years old and he is from Italy. Before coming to Ukraine, he worked in Malta, Spain, and England. Year ago he decided to bring his experience and knowledge about Italian food and drinks to Ukraine.

He visited Ukraine couple of times before he decided to settle here, each time he brought with himself a dream to open up a place with Italian food. For him Kiev is a city that never sleeps and where people are in need of good things.

Finally his dream took shape and with his Italian business partner Daniel, who makes delicious desserts, Claudio was able to open up his first and unique place. The aim of the new project is to introduce people to the idea of how neatly their city can look like and that good service and high-quality products can come with a low fee.

This place carries Italian street food, where anyone can enjoy themselves in a nice setting and furniture while grabbing a panini, pancakes with Nutella or such desserts as Tiramisu and “crema al caffe” – which are made right there from fresh products and using Italian-home recipes. For drinks they will serve alcohol-free cocktails. The business owners made us happy by announcing that they will update their menu in accordance with customers’ preferences. Client orientation is an important, but often overlooked aspect in Ukrainian places. Nice to know that not everywhere.

About the interior. So it happened that Claudio’s acquaintance gave him Sasha Kravchuk’s phone number, who is the head of Kassa Design. She was the one who was able to transform a gray flower stand into unique place with Italian street food and well-balanced front.

Claudio’s plans are to make people happy in their place!

Location: Darnitsa metro station

Status: Opened