Restaurant “Samogon-bar Pechersk”

Ukrainian restaurant “Samogon-bar Pechersk”.

Kyiv, Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, 34а

December, 2015

The second restaurant of national cuisine Samogon-bar was founded on the site of the former Tyubeteyka Restaurant. The legendary Samogon-bar Podol Restaurant has nothing in common with this one. The purpose was in the creation of an underground place with a touch of industrial style, Ukrainian style and other radical national elements. The summer terrace is ready and waits for the season. The one main room and three banquet rooms, which are hidden behind a wall of 6 thousands books, are waiting for guests.

List of work done:

– interior design;

– construction supervision;

– part of the furniture is made by our design, the old chairs and sofas got new upholstery;

– production of large decoration items;

– hand-painting.

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Before Reconstruction

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